Keep all religion out of the schools

by Tim Fake

We are now well into the 21st century and people are still trying to push irrational beliefs on impressionable youth.

Ever since the Ninth Circuit Court made its decision that i was unconstitutional to allow for a pledge that supports a religious belief to be recited in schools, there has been outrage from every corner of the country.  The court has stuck to its original decision, and as an atheist I applaud its tenacity. 

A pledge that has a country's people pledging their loyalty to a deity does not belong in schools and is a blatant violation of the separation of church and state. Everybody should be allowed to think for him or herself and not be forced to succumb to the personal biases of others.

Kids are particularly vulnerable to irrational beliefs that are told to them by adults. They are taught at a young age that they should be subservient to the adults in their lives. They should be taught that being a critical thinker and searching for the truth on their own is of utmost importance. The search for the truth and giving people the necessary skills to search for that truth is what education is all about.

Responses from my critics:

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The author of this article is co-organizer of the Capital District chapter of FUNY.

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